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Contemporary A Cappella in Argyle ISD is alive and well! Since the 2017 school year, Remedy A Cappella has performed at numerous school functions, sporting events, community celebrations, Choir Concerts, and national competitions. A Cappella music is a great outlet for students in our Choir program who want to dedicate more of their time to being a performer. Contemporary A Cappella music is challenging often because you are the only person singing your part. In other words, you ALWAYS have a solo. We believe that a cappella music can bring out the very best in our students on stage and in the classroom. That is why this year we are expanding our a cappella program and creating our second group, Flight. We hope you will join us at one of our upcoming concerts so you can enjoy the high-energy and entertaining performances brought to you by Remedy and Flight. To find out more about what these groups are about, their members, and how to audition, please click on one of the links below!

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