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End of Year Auditions

We are thrilled that you want to be part of the Argyle High School Choral Department. For current members of the AHS Choir Program, these auditions are required and will take place during class. Whether you live in Argyle ISD or are moving to the district, if you are not currently enrolled in our program and would like to be considered for Concert Choir or Bella Voce, please complete the audition process below and contact Mr. Griswold before you begin.


We offer a variety of ensembles for students based on their prior knowledge and ability level. Please visit our CHOIRS page for more information on each ensemble that you have the opportunity to be in.

Audition Instructions

  • All auditions will be submitted online via Flip Grid

  • All responses should be titled with your name and current grade.

  • You can access the grid directly from the links below or by downloading the app to your phone or tablet (code: ).

  • You will submit 3 videos

  • Admission to one of our A Cappella ensembles Remedy or Flight, requires a separate audition. Information regarding these ensembles can be found on our A CAPPELLA page.

Vocal Range Assessment (Submit Video Here:

  1. Say your name and current grade

  2. Beginning on G (Call this Do), sing down the scale to your lowest note (Do Ti La So Fa Mi, etc…). You may sing on solfege or a neutral vowel of your choice. 

  3. Beginning on G (Call this Do), sing up to your highest note: Do Re Mi Fa So, etc… Gentlemen, it is ok and advisable to switch into head voice to demonstrate your vocal abilities in your upper range.

Vocal Scale Assessment (Submit Video Here:

  1. Say your name and current grade

  2. Decide which range you would like to demonstrate your scales in

  3. Bass/Alto will most likely use the "Low" track, Baritone/Mezzo the "Med" track, and Tenor/Sop the"High" track

  4. Click on the "Vocal Scale Track" on the side of this page that is best suited for you. It will first prompt you to sing a "Major Scale" from low Do to high Do to low Do.

  5. Then the track will prompt you to sing a "Scale in 3rds" starting on low Do (Do Mi Re Fa, etc...) and coming back to low Do (...Mi Do Re Ti Do)

  6. The track will say the scale, play your tonic pitch (Do), then it will count off and say "1, 2, 3, sing"

  7. Make sure you listen to the metronome and stay in time while singing your scales

Vocal Performance Assessment (Submit Video Here: )

  1. Please state your name, grade, and the key in which you will be singing (high/med/low).

  2. Here the link to the sheet music - My Country Tis of Thee Sheet Music

  3. Use THIS WEBSITE as a resource to help you prepare for this part of the audition. 

  4. Through this site you can adjust tempo, key, and isolate the melody to help you practice prior to recording your video assessment.

           High - Ab Major
           Medium - F Major
           Low - Eb Major

Sight Reading Assessment (Submit Video: )
There is a time limit for sight-reading and the exercise must remain secure, so this video must be made under the supervision of the director. There are two levels of sight-reading available. For admission into Concert Choir or Bella Voce, students must perform the Level II sight-reading exercise. Any students not interested in being considered for Concert Choir or Bella Voce will only need to perform the Level I sight-reading exercise. For this video, please: 

  1. Please state your name, grade, and read the exercise title. 

  2. The recording will say “You may now look at your sight-reading exercise” and the tonic chord Do Mi So Mi Do So Do will be played followed by the first note of the exercise; turn over the exercise and study. You may sing, chant, and/or audiate during your study time. You may not play the melody on any device. You will have 30 seconds to study the melody.

  3. At the completion of study period the recording will say "Please Stop" and the tonic chord will be played again Do Mi Do Mi Do So Do followed by the first note of the exercise (you may sing with it).

  4. Sing the exercise using solfege and hand signs at a tempo of your choice. If you are unable to sing using solfege, you may use a neutral syllable of your choice, however, your knowledge of solfege will be considered in your audition.

All videos should be submitted to the appropriate grid by Friday, May 22nd. If you encounter any problems or have questions, please contact Mr. Griswold immediately.

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Demo Audition Vide0s

Vocal Range Assessment

Vocal Range Track

Vocal Scale Tracks

Vocal Performance Tracks


Sight-Reading Track
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