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End of Year Auditions

We are thrilled that you want to be part of the Argyle High School Choral Department. For current members of the AHS Choir Program, these auditions are required and will take place during class. Whether you live in Argyle ISD or are moving to the district, if you are not currently enrolled in our program and would like to be considered for Concert Choir or Bella Voce, please review the audition process below and contact Mr. Ramos to set up an audition appointment.


We offer a variety of ensembles for students based on their prior knowledge and ability level. Please visit our CHOIRS page for more information on each ensemble that you have the opportunity to be in. Admission to one of our A Cappella ensembles Remedy or Flight requires a separate audition. Information regarding these ensembles can be found on our A CAPPELLA page.

Audition Instructions

  • 1. Singing Portion

  • 2. Sight-Reading

    • Students will be given an 8 measure sight-reading exercise.

    • The tonic triad will be given.

    • Students will have 30 seconds to practice the exercise out loud.

    • The tonic triad will be played at the end of the 30 second practice period.

    • Student will then sing the exercise. 

    • Sing the exercise using solfege and hand signs at a tempo of your choice. If you are unable to sing using solfege, you may use a neutral syllable of your choice, however, your knowledge of solfege will be considered in your audition.


Placement will be based on the results of the audition tabulation. Students are not able to change courses without Mr. Ramos' approval. Audition results will be posted no later than Friday, May 19, 2023 at 4:30 pm.

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