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One of the primary goals of the Argyle High School Choir program is giving students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Our student leaders play a vital role in the success of our program and we take these positions very seriously. Students who apply and are elected as officers are expected to serve as examples for all of our students. This is done primarily through words and actions, but also through rehearsal etiquette, general attitude, and overall involvement in the program. Officers represent the Choir program at all times and therefore should consistently display the following core values on and off campus:







Leadership Officer Positions

President -- responsible for coordinating all Choir Officers, representing the program to the community, scheduling and coordinating all meetings and events, and assisting the Choir Director as needed

Vice-President - responsible for assisting the president with all of his/her assigned duties, sharing the responsibility of coordinating social events, and assisting the Choir Director as needed

Secretary - responsible for keeping minutes at all officer meetings, taking attendance at meetings and events, uploading and sending out minutes after meetings, regularly updating the Choir calendar inside the classroom, creating monthly newsletters, and assisting the Choir Director as needed


Public Relations​ - responsible for communicating with students, the school, and the community concerning choir events, assisting the Choir Director with Social Media content creation and campaigns, coordinating pictures and videos for all Choir events, and assisting the Choir Director as needed 


Social Events Coordinator - responsible for planning, executing, and coordinating all social events for the Choir program, and assisting the Choir Director as needed

Officer At Large - responsible for assisting the leadership team in executing and coordinating all Choir events, showing up to one officer meeting every 9 weeks, serving the goals of the Choir program, and assisting the Choir Director as needed

Musical Officer Positions

Student Director - This student will assist the director in preparation of their choir for performance and be prepared to lead rehearsals in the directors absence. To qualify for this position, the student director must be at least a junior member of Concert Choir or a sophomore member of Bella Voce. This student should have strong musical skills and be comfortable leading the ensemble. Piano skills and the ability to keep time audibly are very helpful in this position. 

Section Leader - Section leaders are used in all ensembles to increase our ability to learn music and improve as a Choir. Section leaders need to be excellent musicians but also have the leadership skills to teach small groups of students. Piano skills (enough to help teach parts) are very helpful in this position. 

(Concert Choir - SSAATTBB)

(Bella Voce - SSA)

(Women's Chorale - SSA)

(Men's Chorale - TBB)

Piano Note
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