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Choir 2024-2025

Thank you SO much to everyone who auditioned for a spot in the award winning Argyle Choir Program!
Every student who auditioned is extremely talented, which made the selection process extremely difficult.


Please read the information below before viewing the Choir Placements.

Audition Results: If you have questions -- A part of my work as a teacher is teaching students how to handle auditions: how to handle good news with grace, how to handle bad news with dignity, how to ask for feedback in a constructive and professional way, how to make future decisions carefully and as thoughtfully as possible, and so on.  It is in this spirit that the following procedures are set in place:

Students -- in the case of most auditions, very few people achieve the complete result for which they hoped.  Some get part of what they want, some fall short.  I hope you imagine what you might accomplish in the department; no matter what group you are placed into.
Remember that some students may be experiencing “audition pains”; over-celebration of good news can be very hurtful to those who do not have as much to celebrate.  On the other hand, one can be disappointed with their own results and still happy for a peer!  Please be as sensitive to others as you want them to be with you.
Audition Questions: Anyone with questions about their audition can contact me via the form below this statement beginning Monday, May 20.


I will only respond to those who submit an online request; this is so I can receive and review detailed information in writing, which serves as a better teaching tool.  The “cooling off” period allows the chance for a student to more carefully consider what it is that they want to know in order to learn from the audition.
Parents -- while I understand your eagerness to act as your child’s advocate, and while I will certainly respond to your requests for information, I respectfully ask that you let your child sort this out on their own first.  After all, soon enough most of these students will be auditioning as adults and need to learn how to gather information and ask the right questions in the right way.


Thank you again to each person who auditioned! The depth of talent in the Argyle Choir Program made these auditions enjoyable and very hard!


Love Your Neighbor,

-Mr. Ramos

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Choir placements may be accessed by the button on the left on May 18, 2024 at 4:30 pm.

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