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Sight-reading is an integral part of our Choral Music curriculum. We use the solfege system to decipher notes on a page, much like we use the alphabet to identify words and their meaning. In ensembles like Men's and Women's Chorale, we focus on the building blocks of sight-reading and improving our ability to learn new music daily. In our upper-level ensembles such as Concert Choir and Bella Voce, strong sight-reading skills are necessary to the success of the ensemble. We don't spend a lot of time on the building blocks of sight-reading and instead we spend time learning music that is considerably more difficult, requiring the ability to sight-read faster and more efficiently. 


One of the main tools we use to help all of our students become amazing sight-readers is Sight Reading Factory. This online platform/tool can be accessed through your phone, Chromebook, or any electronic device with internet access. All students need to follow the instructions below to sign up for their SRF Student Account.


Four Easy Steps!
Go to
Enter 8nxy5n in the Student Code field.
Select the appropriate age group.
Complete the registration information. 

Sight-Reading Resources & Links


UIL Choir Sight-Reading Rules and Guidelines

TMEA Area Sight-Reading Examples

Region/Pre-Area Sight-Reading Examples

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