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Our Choir Program

We have a number of fantastic choirs at Argyle High School to meet our students at every level. Click to find out more about each ensemble!

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Argyle Choir has national award-winning contemporary a cappella ensembles made up of students from our choir program. Click to learn more!

We are very blessed to have private voice faculty training our students during the school day. Click here to learn more!


Argyle Choir

The Argyle High School Choir program was established full time in the 2016-2017 school year with only 5 HS students and 10 MS students. The program was designed to embody one core idea:​ 

"Love Your Neighbor"


If everyone in the room focused on caring for one another, that beautiful music would naturally come to life. The Argyle HS Choir program quickly became a family and a growing one at that. In year two, the HS program had grown to 45 students and the MS program enrolled almost 75. By year three, the community of Argyle was catching wind of the special nature of what was taking place in the Choir room. Now in year eight, the Argyle High School program enrolls almost 100 students and will begin the 2023-2024 school year with four unique performing ensembles. This growth was made possible by the passionate students that have filled the Choir room over the past four years, the incredible support offered by the Choir parents and district administration, aa well as the loving spirit shown to our program by the entire community of Argyle.


Argyle High School Choir believes in creating excellent musicians and performing music at the highest levels. This is only possible when the bonds created by our friendship and love for one another comes first. In a world often full of chaos and confusion, we hope that our performances provide you with a sense of hope as you navigate your life. To find out more about how you can support Argyle High School Choir and Music Education in Argyle ISD, please email Mr. Ramos at Go Eagles! 

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors!

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